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About me

As personal note, I am a structural engineer, self employee, with the hobby for collecting plants (most geophytes).

Although I am only an hobbyist, I am seriously interested both for taxonomy and biology.

For cultivation I love particularly Amaryllidaceae, terrestrial Orchidaceae and tuberous Araceae, but also Liliaceae, Iridaceae, and Ferns (but also other plants) are of interest for me: I am maniac but not monomaniac.

Most of the plants I am collecting are of wild and documented origin; I like to grow them for me and for distribution to friends.

I live in Brescia, North Italy, between Milan and the Garda Lake. The climate is continental, but moderated by the not far mediterranean belt: rain in autumn, cold and not too wet winter (minimum -10°C), wet spring and warm summer (max 30°C at day) with 60% and more humidity.


Me and a Cycas Me and Helicodiceros Me in Seychelles


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